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Your Advertisement Can Help gurbani.co

We are a no profit making organization running www.gurbani.co for last more than 4 years. This site has about forty to fifty thousand plus clicks daily. This site is offering following services absolutely free for Sikh community.
1.Showing of Daily Shabad Kirtan and Hukamnama and Katha from Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar, Sri Bangla Sahib New Delhi and Sri Sis Ganj Sahib New Delhi. These programs can be watched on Computers, Laptop, Mobile Phones and I Pad etc. Before staring this site many Sikhs were not able to watch these programs daily on TV due to many reasons i.e. their working hours starts early. Some people could not afford these pay channels or lack of time due to any other reason. Some time they have to miss one program as Katha from all channels is screened at same time. After the launch of www.gurbani.co these programs can be seen at any convenient time during the day. 2.Providing information about Sikh history and Gurdwara's. 3.Preparation of Educational programs for children's on Sikh History and teaching of Punjabi are under process and will be added on this site soon.
This website was started with very small resources. To complete future plans we need to add more staff members and server. This cannot be achieved without your support.
As an established business man you can support this website by releasing a small advertisement of your business on it. We have designed a few sample advertisements about your business for which you can have a look at link give below and approve one as per your choice or you can give us your idea to create new one.
PS: Advertisements for products (Alcohol & Tobacco) prohibited by Sri Guru Granth Sahib or anti Sikhism will not be published on www.gurbani.co.

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These advertisements will appear on any page of www.gurbani.co. Minimum appearance will be for 10000 times.
These advertisements will appear on page you have selected on www.gurbani.co. Minimum appearance will be for 10000 times. There will be 50% extra for these advertisements.
On Top:
These advertisements will appear on top of all advertisements. There will be 25% extra charges.

Soponsership of a program

Advertisements will appear permanently at the bottom of page you have chosen for the period ordered. Charges for these advertisements are on daily basis. You have to book minimum for 7 days. You may choose days continuously or as you like.

Promo Video

Video Promo:
Only Gurbani related video promos can be advertised. Only one promo maximum of 30 Sec will be included in the end program video. Charges for these promos are on daily basis. You have to choose minimum 7 days. You may choose days continuously or as you like.

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