Gurudwara Bhai Joga Singh - Hoshiarpur

Gurudwara Bhai Joga Singh - Hoshiarpur

Situated :
In Hoshiarpur city, Distt Hoshiarpur.
Associated with :
Guru Hargobind Ji and Bhai Joga Singh
• GURUDWARA BHAI JOGA SINGH JI is situated in the Muhalla Shekhan, in Hoshiarpur City. This Gurdwara is situated in Colony Shaikhan in Hoshiarpur City, District Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

• Bhai Joga Ji was a son of Bhai Gurmukh Ji of Peshawar (in Pakistan), who received Amrit from Tenth Sikh Guru, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and became Joga Singh. Guru Ji used to keep Bhai Joga Ji near himself, thinking him as

Guru Gobind Ji As Guard

his own son. Once Bhai Gurmukh Ji requested Guru Ji that Joga Singh is about to get married, if you grant permission, he will come to Peshawar for marriage. Guru Ji gave him permission, but for his test sent another Sikh with a Hukamnama (Religious Order) saying when Joga Singh completes three Lavaan (moving around fire in a circle for seven times in Hinduism and around Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji for four times in Sikhism, for marriage) give him this Hukamnama. The Sikh did the same. The Hukamnama contained an order that on seeing it, leave for Anandpur Sahib. So Joga Singh left the remaining one Lavaaan and started for Anandpur Sahib. The marriage was completed by his parents by giving remaining one Lavaan with his Kamarband (a waist belt).

• As he halted for a night at Hoshiarpur, not far from his destination, Anandpur, he fell for the charms of a beautiful courtesan. But a mace-bearer appeared and started guarding the house of the prostitute . Joga Singh tried to enter the house four times during the night but had to turn back as he ran into the mace-bearer every time. Joga Singh realized his error and was filled with remorse.


• Purged of his pride, he resumed his journey and presented himself before Guru Gobind Singh.


On entering the divaan he payed his respects to Guru Sahib and Guru Jee looked at Bhai Joga Singh. Guru jee asked Bhai Joga to explain where he was last night. In shame Bhai Joga Singh did not answer. However, the all-knowing Guru knew of Bhai Joga Singh's temptations. Guru Sahib again asked, "Bhai Joga Singh! I have asked you a question, you are struggling to answer. Why cannot you answer me? Tell me WHERE WERE YOU LAST NIGHT?" As the incident unfolded Guru jee revealed that HE HIMSELF was the GUARD, and that He were there to stop Bhai Joga Singh from entering and sinning. Bhai Joga Singh fell at Guru jee’s charan (feet) and begged for forgiveness. Guru Sahib reminded him of what he had said before, “Guru Jee MAI TERE JOGA (I am worthy only of You Guru ji). Guru Sahib said “because you belong to me - I belong to you Bhai Joga, I BELONG TO YOU! Mai tere joga!

• A gurudwara named after Bhai Joga Singh existed in Peshawar until 1947.

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