Gurudwara Shri Jaand Sahib - Bathinda

Gurudwara Shri Jaand Sahib - Bathinda

Situated :
Near Village Kotha Guru, Distt Bathinda.
Associated with :
Guru Hargobind Singh ji
• GURUDWARA SHRI JAND SAHIB is situated near Village Kotha Guru, Distt Bathinda. Bhai Rupa and Sidhu Ji went to fiels to harvest some crops.

• Bhai Rupa and Sidhu Ji took goat Skin water container. It was hanged on branch of tree. It was quite a hot day. After working for some time when they felt thirsty, they came to drink water and felt that water too cold. Moved with devotion,

Guru Hargobind ji

they offered the water to SHRI GURU HARGOBIND SAHIB JI in their thoughts. That first GURU SAHIB should drink then only they will drink it. And again they started working, time passed and they fell unconsciously. GURU SAHIB was at Bhai Ki Daroli. When GURU SAHIB came to know about his sikhs. He started from there riding his horse reached here covering the distance of 30 miles. When GURU SAHIB reached there he called them if some one could water he (GURU SAHIB) was feeling thirsty. When Bhai Rup chand ji saw above GURU SAHIB standing in fron of them. He called his father and both of them fell on the feets of GURU SAHIB. GURU SAHIB himself drank water and also offred them water and told them leave this job. You need to meditate now. GURU SAHIB gave them sword and told them to spread the message of Sikhism. Bhai Sadhu Ji told that people of there village feel jealous of them. GURU SAHIB told them leave that place and suggested them a new place. Start your own Village. People will follow you. Name it as Bhai Rupe Ka. GURU SAHIB stayed there for a night.

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