Gurudwara Kaulsar Sahib - Amritsar

Gurudwara Kaulsar Sahib - Amritsar

Situated :
In the Amritsar city. on the back side of GURUDWARA SHRI HARIMANDIR SAHIB and on the west of GURUDWARA BABA ATAL SAHIB JI
Associated with :
• GURUDWARA SHRI MATA KAULSAR SAHIB is situated in the Amritsar city. This GURUDWARA SAHIB is situated on the back side of GURUDWARA SHRI HARIMANDIR SAHIB and on the west of GURUDWARA BABA ATAL SAHIB JI. Gurudwara Mata Kaulan Sahib or Gurudwara Kaulsar Sahib is a sacred Sikh shrine on the west-side of Gurudwara Baba Atal in Amritsar, Punjab near the main Darbar Sahib at Harmandar Sahib. Next to the Gurudwara Mata Kaulan lies a Sarovar (pool) known as Kaulsar Sahib or Kaulsar Sarvor, named after a holy lady who was raised as a Muslim called Bibi Kaulan, the adopted (possibly Hindu) daughter of the Qazi of Lahore.


Gurudwara Mata Kaulsar Sahib ji

This GURUDWARA SAHIB is in memory of MATA KAULAN JI, a spiritual muslim Lady, daughter of Qazi of Lahore. Her father Qazi of Lahore had pronounced death, due to her devotion to SHRI GURU HARGOBIND SAHIB JI. SAI MIAN MEER JI who was living in the same village rescued her and brought her in the protection of SHRI GURU HARGOBIND SAHIB JI. GURU SAHIB ji realising her feelings, eliminated them through eternal enlightenment. On this MATA JI expressed her feelings that after her death no one will ever remember her. GURU SAHIB blessed MATA JI that her name will remain for ever through the holy sarover. GURU SAHIB has directed all devotees to take a dip in Kaulsar sahib sarovar before going to SHRI HARIMANDIR SAHIB.


The excavation of Kaulsar was started in 1624 and was completed in 1627 under the supervision of Baba Budhaji, first head granthi of the Golden Temple. Kaulsar is one of the five holy tanks (Sarovars) at the holy city of Amritsar including Santokhsar, Bibeksar, Ramsar and the main one after which the city is named, Amritsar at the Golden Temple.

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