Gurudwara Sangraana Sahib - Amritsar

Gurudwara Sangraana Sahib - Amritsar

Situated :
On the Taran Taaran Road in Amritsar Distt.
Associated with :
Guru Hargobind ji
• GURUDWARA SHRI SANGRAANA SAHIB is situated on the Taran Taaran Road in Amritsar Distt. This Gurudwara is situated at a distance of 10 Km South of Amritsar City on Amritsar-Taran Taran Road in Village Chabba, District Amritsar, Punjab.

• This is that place where Dhan Dhan SHRI GURU HARGOBIND SAHIB JI won his first battle & gave a boon of 7 sons to MATA SULAKHNI JI. One day Sikhs while hunting reached near the sanctury of Gumtala which was reserved for hunting for royal Governors only. The royal army of Mughal Emperor Shahjahan was already hunting there and their royal Hawk was flying in the sky. The Sikhs flew their Hawk in the sky which threw the royal Hawk to the ground. The Sikhs captured the royal Hawk. The royal army asked for the Hawk and used rude language. So Sikhs refused to return their Hawk. The royal army went to Lahore (in Pakistan) and told about the whole incident to Kuleez Khan, the Governor of Punjab. The Governor presented a report to Emperor Shahjahan. The Emperor gave permission to attack. Kuleez Khan sent 7000 soldiers under the command of Mukhalis Khan to attack Amritsar. At Pipli Sahib, the Sikhs had an encounter

First battle

with the Mughal army. At that time, Bibi Veero Ji, daughter of Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, was to be married and the baraat (the marriage party) had to come to Amritsar, but before that the battle started.

• In the battle, Sikhs with Bhai Bhana Ji started firing. Shamshat Khan attacked Bhai Bhana Ji, but Bhai Bhana Ji beheaded Shamshat Khan. The royal army fired at Bhai Bhana Ji and he won martyrdom. Now Bhai Singha Ji became commander of Sikhs. One Mohammad Ali fired at Bhai Singha Ji, in return Bhai Singha Ji shot an arrow and killed Mohammad Ali. Bhai Singha Ji also got injured and won martyrdom. Then Painde Khan took charge of the Sikh army.

• Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji reached Lohgarh Fort, where commander Mukhalis Khan attacked. Guru Ji asked one carpenter to prepare a stone cannon and with that cannon a rain of stones was made on the Mughal army. One group of the Mughal army attacked from the side of Gurudwara Bibeksar Sahib. The Mughals were heavily armed, but Sikhs had full faith in Guru Ji and they fought bravely. Bhai Tota Ji, Bhai Tirloka Ji, Bhai Nihala Ji and Bhai Nanta Ji won martyrdom. The Mughal army destroyed one wall of the Fort. Then Guru Ji sent a message to the would-be-husband of Bibi Veero Ji that the baraat should go to Village Jhabal Kalan (in District Taran Taran). At Night the battle stopped and Sikhs repaired the wall overnight. Next day Painde Khan took charge of the Sikh army and started moving towards Taran Taran while fighting. Guru Ji was leading from the front.

• When Sikhs reached Village Chabba, heavy battle started. Mukhalis Khan asked Guru Ji for a one-on-one fight to decide the result of the battle. Guru Ji accepted the challenge and with the first strike killed Mukhalis Khan's horse. As Mukhalis Khan came to the ground, Guru Ji also left his horse and a battle of sword and shield started. Mukhalis Khan attacked Guru Ji with sword, which Guru Ji stopped with his shield and in return attacked Mukhalis Khan with sword which pierced his shield and his head fell on the ground. The Mughal army retreated from the battle ground. The Sikhs started chasing them, but Guru Ji stopped them. The victory drums were played. The bodies of Sikh martyrs were cremated and those of Muslims were buried. Gurudwara Sangarana Sahib was built in the memory of 13 Sikh martyrs.


• At this place Sixth Sikh Guru, Shri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji won the first battle in the Year 1629 and gave a boon of 7 sons to Mata Sulakhani Ji, a childless woman of this Village.

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